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Sponsor money for
Viborg Karate & Kickboxing Center

Get an OK Gasoline Card for cheap petrol and diesel and support Viborg Karate & Kickboxing Center. Viborg Karate & Kickboxing Center have a sponsorship deal with OK, which is built around fuel purchased on the OK Petrol card. 

When creating an OK Benzin account, you will support the Viborg Karate & Kickboxing Center with a small sum for every liter you purchase on the account. In addition, the club receives a bonus when you have purchased 500 liters of your fuel card.

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How to do it:

  • An application form can be found in the club or on the OK Website.
  • The completed form must be sent to OK and you will receive the OK petrol card within 8 days. It is important that you remember to write our sponsor number: 55 87 17 in the comment box.
  • If you already have an OK Gasoline Card , it can be converted to our sponsorship scheme.

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